Making pies takes too long.

Saturday was the perfect rainy day for baking. My Mom always bakes on rainy days, and it just seems the most appropriate time to be in the kitchen, whipping up something tasty to eat.

I did not bake on Saturday. I baked on Sunday, when it was a perfect day to lay out by the pool.

Also, there was no "whipping up" involved. The pie-making process took FOR-E-VER.

Our roommate brought back a whole bunch of fresh-picked peaches to share with us, and A mentioned several times how much he loves his mom's peach pie. I figured it couldn't be too difficult to make a peach pie, and while I was at it, why didn't we just make two and share one with our small group?

It was not my brightest idea.

First, we have a very tiny kitchen with little counter space. Second, our dishwasher isn't working, so we have to wash everything by hand. This makes baking and using a lot of utensils a less-brilliant idea, currently. Third, I was not in a pie-baking mood - not in hour #1 and definitely not in hour #4. Fourth - Superfluous trips to the grocery store for eggs when the recipe doesn't actually call for eggs are annoying.

Anyways, here's a few photos of the pie-making process. My sweet husband wanted it to be a fun activity we did together, so he peeled and sliced all the peaches. That was a HUGE help, and if he hadn't done it, I'd probably still be trying to make those pies. I'm that stubborn.

First, quadrupling the recipe for the crusts and making the dough.

Whoops. Forgot we don't have a rolling pin! A sheet of wax paper, my fist and a can of frosting was a nice improv.

Prepping the peaches - boil them first for a minute, then plunge them in ice-cold water. It's supposed to make them easier to peel, but A said the jury is still out on that.

The fruits, literally, of his labor! Look at all those peaches.

Ben was exhausted from all the hard work.

My first attempt at making a lattice pie. I thought it looked decent.

The finished products!



Michelle said...

Beautiful lattice-work! I'm too lazy to make a pie with a top crust. But I am going to make a peach cobbler tomorrow: Lane pulled on a tablecloth today, sending the basket of peaches flying, so they're all bruised now and not good for anything but a dessert!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you made these because it was deeelicious!

The Castles said...

Nice work--they look yummy even though they took a long time! I love using summer fruit in pies and cobblers!

Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

Great idea on the can as a rolling're one smart cookie ;) It looks awesome, your work really did pay off.

Lauren V. said...

Thanks, friends! Hope your peach & fruit creations turn out wonderfully, too!

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