Of dust and prairie dogs

Well, it's a dusty day here in Montana. I wanted to say Oklahoma just now, for some reason, but no, I'm definitely in Montana. It may be because the dust is picking up and kicking up my allergies a lot at the moment, but it is otherwise gorgeous and very Montana-like here.

We got here around noon on Thursday after an early morning leaving RDU. As soon as we stepped out of the airport, it was a breath of fresh air. Literally. The air was cool and crisp and so clean. Big Sky country made an immediate good impression.

Since getting here, we've been in a pattern of early mornings, slooooow afternoons (complete with a nap for me today), and long nights of wandering around the rodeo. Although really interesting - especially the people watching - the days are long and generally slow and a bit boring. It's kind of weird - it feels like we have a lot of time to do nothing productive.

Today was the best day here, thus far. We went prairie dog hunting. It was great fun! Although I didn't actually shoot anything (not for lack of trying) I still had a good time. It was a bit frustrating, as I didn't have any time to really do my thing ;) First, one of the guys held the barrel of the gun for me and pointed it for me, even though he was not exactly helping. The second time I got the gun, they made me stop shooting because of fear that I'd hit one of the guys that was walking. The third time I got the gun, I fired off some shots and almost hit it. A rock, that is. I kept shooting and shooting, but unfortunately, wasn't actually aiming for a prairie dog. If it had been one, and he had run toward my bullets, he so would have been dead.

So anyways, we're at the rodeo now, waiting for some more opportune moments to capture and conversations to have!

Here's a link to the photos I've taken. Not great, I'm having a lot of camera trouble, plus, we have a professional photog with us, so my motivation is "notsomuch."

Hope everyone is enjoying their 4th of July weekend!



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