Hello, Denver

It has been a whirlwind of a month. When i think about the fact that exactly a month ago today, we woke up in our new home for the first time, I got my first Denver parking ticket and went to the new IKEA Denver for the first of four (that's right, FOUR) trips this month - it seems crazy.

Since I last blogged, we have gotten nearly settled, had all our parents except for my Daddy :( visit, been to church a few times, joined a City Group, gone to a few weddings (I've been to three - one of them I crashed without A, tehe) and gotten jobs.

That's right folks - we're technically employed. Although neither of us has yet gotten paid, I went to my new office today, and Adrian is at his workplace now. It was the first time we both went "to the office," although not for any regular kind of a schedule! Starting September 6, I'll be working at Ashford University with their online division. It's in a building that is technically 1.2 miles from our front door, which means that as of Sept. 6 - I'm a walking/bike riding commuter. Seriously, I feel so big-city!

Adrian will also be commuting via bicycle to a brain training center where he will be a brain trainer - a coach for the mind. It's a crazy cool position, and I'm excited to see how much smarter we all get from this experience :)

I know there is so much to say and stories to tell, but the evening is waning and I need to get going. In the meantime, check out the album I just posted on FB of our trip West!



Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

oooh I just looked at your pictures and I have to say I LOVE the set up of your apt! I am so so so happy for you and A and all that God has blessed you with.

I'm a little envious...in a good way...Denver seems like such a neat city. Stefan just came back from a trip to Denver and told me about how beautiful it is.

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