Beginning life as a Vanderburg

I admit it - to go from a simple one-syllable last name to a Dutch moniker with three syllables might be a bigger challenge than I realized. The name change itself, aside from the legalities, should be fairly simple, other than dealing with people at restaurants. It's not the new name, so much, that will be the challenge - It's the new identity that goes with it.

Nearly 2 weeks ago, I took a walk down the aisle and made the decision to become a Vanderburg for life by marrying my best friend.

Since then, I've quickly come to realize that Vanderburgs, specifically our branch of the family tree, deal with lots of crazy things.

Take our wedding exit for example. We had barely said our goodbyes - tears in our eyes and unexplainably sad about leaving our friends and families - before we realized we forgot one very important thing. As we turned the truck around and drove the decorated Greenie back into the parking lot, we saw our loved ones still standing right where we had left them a minute before.

"We forgot to sign the marriage license and make it legal."

Welcome to life as a Vanderburg, I thought, where we forget some really important things but enjoy the journey of doing it! The journey has only gotten better in the days that followed. More adventures to come!



Anonymous said...

Hah! That's hilarious. I'm glad you guys remembered before it was too late.

I know how you feel with the name change. I went from a very simple Lopez (most common hispanic last name ever) to Acevedo. I'm not even sure I can pronounce it correctly. ;-)

Have fun as a Vanderburg!

kathy said...

Thanks for fixing it! Congratulations Lauren! I'm so happy for you and Adrian and look forward to your reflections.

I didn't even think about the marriage license until much later when I was starting to do paperwork, etc. Luckily everything was squared away by the priest and the wedding coordinator (who I wasn't terribly fond of, but glad that she got me legally as well as religiously married).

And yay for new last names that are way more distinctive than the old ones (though as you pointed out, way more difficult in restaurants and with customer service over the phone, though I think I've got you beat on that account). Does Vanderburg mean something interesting?

Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

YAy! I love the new blog. Hope all is well with the newlyweds. :)

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