Initial mishaps as a Mrs.

Here's how we spent much of the day Monday - our first full day as a married couple. I'll let the pictures do the talking first :)

Day #1 as "the Vanderburgs" started with a flat tire in the parking garage of our hotel.

Oh well. What are you going to do about it?

My hottie husband is a man of action - he did a marvelous job changing that tire!

No more than a few seconds after pulling out of the parking garage of the hotel, flat successfully changed, and this happened...

Is "happened" the right word? That sounds like the barricade hit us. In reality, no sooner were the words, "Watch out for the barricade" out of my mouth than WHAM! Ole' Greenie took out that unsuspecting wooden blockade.

Greenie is now sporting a lovely new yellow stripe of paint down the side :) The bellhop is now a few bucks richer for "taking care of that" for us. A and I were both a little jollier after laughing so much.



kathy said...

Awesome! And hilarious.

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