When do I get to rest?

Well, our 3rd week as a married couple culminated in a trip South to see A's old kiddos do their Youth Sunday service. While there, we also squeezed in a walk, handing out thank yous, selling a futon, cleaning, watching the dog and cat fight (which resulted in Benny's nose GUSHING blood because his personality is just TOO MUCH for most living creatures to handle), driving into Charleston for Wild Wings and a game with some of his college friends, about 4,000 trips to coffee shops to feed his addiction, dessert and more coffee with the pastor who did our wedding, meet and greet time with one of his old friends, 2 lunches at Zaxby's, more cleaning and packing, the longest dinner EVER at Chili's, and several nights on a REALLY uncomfortable bed.

This resulted in: not much sleep, high emotions, exhaustion, more stuff for our apartment, an immense desire to get home and settle in, and an insatiable urge to just relax in the comfort of our own home.

Those desires resulted in tears and bedtime for me when we got home to an already messy apartment (We haven't unpacked. We don't have anywhere to put stuff!), carrying more stuff. To top it off, as soon as I opened the door, the stench of the recently-reacquired-turtles hit my nose like a baseball bat to the face. It. Reeked. Like. Whoa.

We opened all the windows in the apartment. I added fresh water to their tub (Rubbermaid tub, since we haven't set up their tank yet. Don't hate). We lit candles in every room, turned on 4 fans, used the bathroom vents to suck the stinkiness up, and busted out the new automatic air-freshener that releases Tropical Vanilla Smellgood Somethingorother every 36 minutes.

So anyways, now it's Monday. The house smelled a bit better this morning (although my nose may have just frozen in the Arctic temperatures from the open windows, either one), and I was able to sleep without rolling down the mattress hill into my husband. So, good times as a married couple, right?

Did I mention Ben threw up on the new carpeting as soon as he ran inside? I'm so glad God is bigger than my issues.



kathy said...

Oh, I'm sorry! Sounds crazy. It's an unfortunate side effects of life that the chaos of a wedding also usually necessitates the chaos of moving...

Michelle (and Shannon) said...

Oh, Lauren, you make me laugh. One day you will look back on all the craziness of this time and laugh with me, but I understand the frustration of it now! My advice: tackle what you can, realize that you're not perfect and A doesn't expect you to be so and that he would (probably) rather spend good time with you than have the house clean and organized, and accept the fact that getting married and moving in together (in the middle of the semester, even!) is a big adjustment and will take some time to get used to. We women like to have our homes in order before we can feel like we're "good" wives or whatever...most of our husbands don't care. Try to relax some, and of course, call on that God of ours to help you cope with all the change! :-)

Lauren V. said...

Haha, yes Kathy, that is an unfortunate side effect. I'm thankful though for the encouragement, ladies! Michelle, I'll definitely try to relax. Thanks for the advice :)

Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

You still have turtles?! haha jk. Hope your week slows down. Love ya!

Ginny Alley said...

Oh man, I totally get it. Your blog makes me laugh so hard though because I'm picturing it all as I'm reading it! It will all come together, our house is kinda the opposite, one room has stuff in it and the whole rest of it is completely empty! I'm not sure which is worse. Maybe some weekend we get up there, I'd love to come help you organize, it's sord of my thing. Weird, I know. :) But, I do love you and am praying for you both. I hear it only gets easier! It's gotta be better than long distance, can I get an Amen?

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