Lead me to the cross

A has several walks he really enjoys doing here - the water tower (where the night shot was from the other day), the cross, the canyon, and Rawlins Peak.

Today we ventured out of "beginner walk" territory (so he says) into "advanced beginner" territory, which means we hiked up to the summit of one of the hills where someone has built a cross at the top.

Although it's a little steep at points, it was beautiful once we got up there. The wind whistles all around, the view is close to 300 degrees (another, higher mountain blocks part of the view), and the rocks are great seats to sit and think.

So, that was today's hike. We're (or maybe just A is) hoping for a serious snow shower tomorrow so we can go for a walk up into the canyons. We're working up to the "big walk" to the top of Rawlins Peak, which is close to 7,000 feet or so, I think. Anyways, here's some photos of today!

Here we are at the cross with Sophie, our Sherpa/guide dog.

You can see how high we are up here, with the barren Wyoming land spread out behind us.

Not sure if you can see the tiny dark speck in the middle of the picture, in the middle of that open area - it's the van we walked from. Cr-azy!

Sophie. She's a cutie :)



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