The List

Surprise birthday dinner at Red Robin with sweet friends
Birthday lunch with the office ladies
Birthday dinner at Cheesecake Factory with my love
Present-opening after dinner
New entertainment center set up
Packing mostly done
Christmas shopping done
Packages mailed

To Do:
Wal-Mart for last minute things
Department Christmas party
Finish packing
Figure out clothes for 2 1/2 weeks in the Arctic (also known as Wyoming)
Get some sleep
Wake up at 4 am
Find someone to pick up our mail and feed the turtles

Oh, a day in the life of a Vanderburg...

Tomorrow, I'm off into the Wild Wild West for a looong Christmas break with the in-laws and A. Should be a good time of rest, unfamiliar (read: frigid) weather patterns, and lots of movies and Mexican food.

I'll be blogging from there, maybe I'll even do a picture a day of what the frozen plains look like :)

Have a fabulous weekend, say a prayer for us and safe travels and catch you on the flip side!



Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

Oh how nice to have a real White Christmas! :) Merry Christmas and safe travels!

Jenn said...

Try not to freeze to death okay! You guys have an amazing time and I will be praying for safe travel! Love you!

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