My Christmas wish

Lately I get grumpy at the drop of a hat.

Ok, it's not really a hat that has to drop, just anything that falls or is placed or is left where I don't feel like it should be, namely, any of the thousands of random bits around our apartment that make it look cluttered. It. stresses. me. out.

Instead of tidiness, every room in the apartment is full of stuff that doesn't belong there. Leftover packing boxes (some still filled with stuff), old shoes for Goodwill, dog toys, random furniture pieces we don't know what to do with, etc.

So, my Christmas wish for this year is this: I want our apartment to be clean and decorated and cozy and feel like a home. I don't want it to stress me out to go inside. I don't want to start getting ready for bed and get distracted by clutter and start cleaning at 11:30. It would be really lovely to leave for the frigid winter winds of the West with a lovely little apartment settled and waiting for our return.

So, yes. That's my wish - to have our first home feel like a home in time for Christmas.



Jenn said...

If I lived closer...I would come help you straighten out your house! I know how you feel, though! It took David and I FOREVER to unpack and straighten up. It drove me insane! We finally just stuck everything in the garage :) We are cheaters...

Tiffany Ann said...

You can DO it! That's the benefit to us having a small apt I guess....but I echo Jenn, if I was around I'd love to help out! Enjoy the season and DON'T STRESS!

Ps, I like your nativity as the centerpiece idea. My parents did that a few years back! I'm reading a book by John Piper's wife called Treasuring God in our Traditions, and she talks about that idea too. Love it :) Annnnd love you!

Anonymous said...

I understand. We're living in CHAOS right now because we're packing up and moving to a new apartment (in the Columns!).
I'm realllllly hoping that when we move (this saturday) we'll have time to get everything set up and do some Christmas decorating!

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