My love affair

Maybe I shouldn't say "love affair," but should instead call it what it really is - a love/hate relationship with piping hot donuts.

A tells me I'm weird, that nobody likes hot donuts, but despite my bad history with them, I am crazy about a hot donut! The best kinds are the cream or custard filled chocolate ones. YUM-MY.

Did you hear about that time I injured myself eating a hot donut at work? We were getting ready to partake of day-old donuts, which of course must be heated for them to revert back to a delicious state. The microwave in the office powered through a 30 second cycle, warming my cream-filled treat a CONSIDERABLE amount. As I went to take a bite, the cream, now known as liquid lava, began spilling out of the donut.

Genius me - I rotated the 90 degrees so the donut was vertical, thus eliminating drippage.

I failed to take into account that this killer new angle would prove detrimental to my health. Successful turn, no drippage, and...AHHH! The freaking donut shot molten cream up into my nose, burning the inside of my nostril. I screamed for a while in the conference room over that one. Not cool.

Well, I'm happy to report I learned my lesson and only heated Saturday's donut for 15 seconds, thus hopefully eliminating the debilitating effects of last time.

No molten cream shooting up my nose, just enough meltage (is that a word? Methinketh no) to get chocolate frosting all over my face. I didn't even know. I had no idea why my husband laughed at me every time he looked at me.

I was blisfully unaware, just relishing the sweet smells of life, instead of enduring the painful scent of burned nose hair and flesh. Ah, well, regardless of how I looked, I count this as a successful donut mission.

No burn, no pain, no problem.



Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

haha! I remember the time Katie Sims burned her lip on a hot pocket. She had a real burn! Stay safe ;)

Julie said...

that, my friend, is talent. :) hahah! I love your blog!! Catching up on your life as a Vanderburg.

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