One year ago today...

A couple of excerpts from my journal from a year ago. It was graduation day, we had been broken up with no contact for over a month, and I knew there was a chance to see him again that day.

"I cannot and will not trust in seeing him and talking to him today. I must trust only in you, God. Only you can bring about a heart change for either of us, and only you can bring us back together. I love him, Lord, so much, but you know that. You know the cries of my heart."

Later that day...

"Oh sweet Father, I am in awe. I love you so much, because of who you are, but also in conjunction with the gift you have given me, especially the gifts of today. Today, you allowed me to see him. Today, you gave us a chance to talk. Today, you gave me affirmation of his love for me. Today, you gave him back to me."

I am still in awe, a year later. It has been a solid year since the Lord brought A back - after a long month and a half of separation, God brought him back into my life, and I am so thankful. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away....and the Lord saw fit to bring us back together and join us together as man and wife.

I am so blessed.



Anonymous said...

Aww...what a great memory. :-)

Alex and I also went through a separation...though it was only about two and a half weeks long, lol. I'm sure there's a journal entry somewhere out there (in a box in my parents garage) that describes our coming back together.
I'm glad the Lord brought your two together...if for nothing else, just for this awesome blog with all your great marriage stories. ;-)

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