Connect the dots

It's kind of funny, looking back on the blog now.

I wrote about hurting my back. I wrote about putting the bed on risers. I didn't write about A's body hurting all over, how we noticed a slight sag in our bed or the restless mornings of flopping around.

Last night we connected the dots - or rather my intelligent husband did - and went and looked under our bed. He was concerned maybe putting the bed on the risers had caused my neck to spaz, my back to ache, his back to spasm, and our sleep schedule to be off. He crawled around on the floor, looking for a bow in the middle maybe, and lo and behold - what did he find?

Instead of our bed having a nice flat undercarriage, properly supported all over, we realized the legs in the middle of the bed had nothing under them, holding up the center of the bed. I had only bought 4 bed risers, so the four corners were supported, but the legs holding up the middle of the bed were just dangling off the frame in mid-air. Poor legs - I took away their job.

Poor Ben, too. He was sad when we lowered the bed off of the risers last night, because his fun little cave was gone. (Never fear, we videoed him enjoying it. I'll put that up sometime soon). Regardless of how Ben felt about it though - we thoroughly enjoyed the good night's sleep we got
last night after restoring the frame to full usefulness.

And now....Saturday morning. I am soooo ready for a late morning in bed!



kathy said...

Oh goodness! Well, I'm glad you've figured it out! Is the space worth the purchase of another set of risers?

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