Sunday lunches - oh what a treat :)

The past two Sundays, A has preached at a small SBC church about an hour northwest of us. It's a nice little church - the people are really friendly and welcoming, and we've enjoyed the time we got to spend with them.

Last Sunday after church we went to a local market for lunch - really tasty, home-grown produce and fun foods on the salad bar. It was thoroughly enjoyable. What we also enjoyed was the lunchtime conversation. An elderly couple sat down next to us and proceeded it chat it up. First question: Where did we live? We told them we were close to Wake Forest. They were apparently familiar with the area, because she proceeded to tell us she went to the seminary in Wake Forest "back before the Fundies took it over."

That does in fact, happen to be where I work. Yes, I am apparently a fundamentalist.

She asked about the "climate" there, and whether or not it was still under the control of the fundies - whom she couldn't stand. We told her we wouldn't necessarily describe it as fundamentalist (a pretty negative term among the people in this area), but would say it is definitely more on the conservative bent than when she was there. We asked what she believed, and she told us she was Catholic - although the spiritual cleansing prayers where you empty yourself of all thoughts sounded a bit more liberal than Catholics to me. So, I got to hear stories about the fundies and the wonderful steam heaters throughout the buildings on campus - again, where I work. I just nodded and smiled while she talked about the very same heater I warm up with everyday in my office.

Anywho. We also talked about gators and their rights when being hunted, and whether or not people should use things that might hurt them when trying to kill them....Right.

Yesterday's post-preaching lunch was also really enjoyable, albeit quite a bit different. There is a family in this church A preached at that probably makes up about 75% of the membership - no joke. The oldest members of this family celebrated their 65th anniversary yesterday, and we were invited to join in. So, the Vanderburgs, along with about 50 of their family, dined and celebrated the life of this couple. I talked to Mama Nettie, as she is called, for a few minutes, and heard about their courtship (met in the 4th grade, when he saved bus seats for her) and marriage (got married "after he got a German bullet taken out of his arm in World War II.") They have quite the legacy, with 5 children (all local), a bunch of grandkids, and a gazillion great-grandchildren, who are all precocious and well-spoken kids.

So while I heard about the sweet details of their romance, A heard about how "they certainly did their part" to produce those five kids. Ha. A also got an earful about his "broken razor" from Daddy Earl, who thought he should have shaved his face a bit more.

Anyways, it was a sweet Sunday, and we were so blessed to be able to share a meal with such a neat family. Thank the Lord for Godly legacies!



Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

awww, that is so sweet....he saved a seat for her on the bus :) Too cute!

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