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I have become one of those bloggers that annoy me. You know the ones - those who only post once in a blue moon. You get bored and want some blogs to read, then you get excited thinking, "I wonder what delightful stories so-and-so has put on their blog since I last read it." Then, hopes high, you go and check it and alas - nothing new. You know what I'm talking about, right?

Ok, so maybe my blog isn't that kind of interesting blog, but still, I apologize if I ever got your hopes up and then dashed them.

Anywho - I'm back from Wyoming. Thankfully. Today, the temperature was -26 degrees WITHOUT a windchill. I'm glad to be back in 40 degree weather, although I'd be pretty stinking happy to be on a warm beach somewhere instead, but no such luck! The trip was good - it was long, I slept a lot, and ate a ton of tasty Mexican food, and enjoyed relaxing with my husband. But, despite all that, it's good to be back in our little home. It's good to get back to cooking, to have Benny boy back and to return to "life as we know it."

Although we find ourselves in difficult, trying situations, we are trying to recognize the abundance of blessings we also are discovering. God has clearly placed us here for this time, for some purpose, and so that we can learn and grow in the knowledge of him. So, in this new year, we stand at a crossroads - watching and waiting to see how God is going to move, to see how He is going to use us, and to see how He is going to grow us. So, that's that.

Be blessed in 2010.



Anonymous said...

I think God is calling you to Denver... ;-)

Jenn said...

You really took the words right out of my mouth about standing at a crossroads...and WAITING! It is so hard, isn't it? Just remember that God has purpose in everything that He does!

Ginny Alley said...

Amen. To all of it. :) And I'm trying to keep my uninteresting blog updated as well. Enjoy. Haha.

Lauren V. said...

Dude, I want to be in Denver. I'm convinced, I just think A isn't...He needs to hear it from Jesus, not me. Haha.

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