Ten little happys

In honor of starting a new decade (hellloooo, 2010), I thought I'd make a list of ten random bits of happiness in my life. Instead of focusing on the future goals I have and what might get accomplished and make me happy in the future, I want to be content in where God has placed me and think about the things that bring me happiness now. These are not in order of importance, nor do they all carry the same weight, nor are they the only things that make me happy.

Ok. Here goes:

1) Bedtime. I love the feeling of crawling into bed, heating blanket revved up and snuggling up next to my husband. Our bed is fantastic - super-comfy California King that is literally the PERFECT size for us. Thanks to the in-laws for that! We were discussing it last night, and I agree with him - bedtime is one of my most favorite parts of the day. Alternately, waking up is my least favorite part of the day, but that's for neither here nor there.

2) Benny. Our dog is crazy. He's hyper, and happy, and always wants to be wherever you are, unless where you are is in the living room not paying attention to him, in which case he wants to go pout on the deck. He makes these funny little noises when he's ready to sleep (Ben loves bedtime too!) that crack us up. Although he's a handful, we get so many laughs out of sharing our lives with him!

3) A sense of accomplishment. When I have exercised, or cleaned well, or cooked a good meal, I get pretty proud of myself. I know I should not boast in anything bu Christ, but I do so enjoy that feeling of satisfaction when I have done something necessary and done it well.

4) Tasty meals. Speaking of trying to do things well, I'm growing to really enjoy cooking. I like trying out new recipes and seeing what comes of them. They're not always great (A didn't really care for the honey cilantro lime salmon I made the other night), but they're edible and semi-healthy. I also love tasty meals when eating out, but I'm realizing how bad those are for you, so that takes a little joy out of it.

5) Skinny days. I don't have many of these anymore, unfortunately. Marriage=weight gain. We're trying to reverse that trend.

6) Good books. I'm a big reader, although I read less now than I probably ever have in my life. By the time I have time to read, I'm about to fall asleep! But, while in Wyoming, I was able to read and finish a book by one of my FAVORITE authors - Jodi Picoult. Looking forward to getting into another good book!

7) Speaking of good books: Bible time. I admit that I don't make this nearly enough of a priority, but it brings me so much joy when I have some good serious time in the Word and when I feel the Lord speaking to me. I am craving some serious spiritual rejuvenation and direction from God.

8) Adventures. Adventures include fun things that may feel slightly dangerous or out of my comfort zone. For example - snow skiing or doing something random and active, like taking a hip-hop dance class, which I haven't done but want to.

9) Lost. This show is seriously addictive to me. I can't wait for the final season to start on February 2!!

10) Good discussions with dear friends. I miss having long, deep talks with my girlfriends and wish I had realized how much I valued them when I had more time to do them! One of the sweetest things is to sit down with one of my girls, who loves Jesus and knows my heart in a deep way. It is so nice to be able to have heartfelt discussions, despite having a lot of "we did this" to catch up on. Bring on the meat!

There are my ten little happies for this first month of 2010. What gets your smile going?



Ginny Alley said...

Sometimes I read your blog and feel like it is my own brain. :) So many of these are similar to my "happies". We don't have a dog, but I can appreciate Benny after that trip to Franklin. Perhaps I'll echo your idea for my next blog post.

Anonymous said...

Which Jodi Picoult book did you read? I've read "My Sister's Keeper" and loved it. Let me know any recommendations.

And I'l toootally help you decorate any time...I love it.

Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

That's a good idea to make a list of things you're currently thankful for, I like it! Bedtime is my favorite too

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