Loneliness and little things

"Lonely, I am so lonely....."

I have a feeling that song will be playing in my head a lot this week. "Why?" you may ask. Well, first of all, I said goodbye to my sweet husband this morning. He left for work in SC until Sunday, so for 5 whole days I'll be by my lonesome with just me and our gnarly, snarly dog (see previous post). It's our first time of any length away from each other - I think we've only been apart for a night (maybe two) since we got married. Speaking of getting married, Sunday is our 6 months anniversary, and our one year engagement anniversary. So, it's even more sad that we'll be in two different states.

What will also make me lonely is the absence of my computer. I know lots of people live without computers, especially laptops, on a regular basis, and millions of people have zero access to computers. However, because of my stupidity and sickness, I'm now joining the ranks - for at least a little while it seems.

This morning, I was struggling a lot with dizziness and not feeling well, and as I stumbled over at one point, I knocked my computer off of the counter - causing it to land on the linoleum. It busted it up and made me freak out. I sat on the bed and got really upset. So, it was the trifecta of a yucky morning: Not feeling well, breaking my MacBook and saying goodbye to my husband. Throw in some hormones to that and you can probably picture how it went.

In good news - my friend and co-worker Courtney happily attacked said broken computer and is trying to fix it for me, since my AppleCare probably won't cover it. He's a whiz with Macs, so I'm hopeful.

In other good news, we paid off half of my credit card this morning, which feels good. Another $1,000 to go and we're halfway out of slavery to debt. Excellent. Also excellent? I beat my all-time high score at solitaire with a whopping 9,731.

Hey - it's the little things.



kathy said...

Sorry that it's been a sucky morning. Hate when things just seem to be conspiring against you.

Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

I'm glad you ended on a good note. Try to enjoy some girl time even though you'll miss the hubs. :)

Tiffany Ann said...

It's times like these that remind us wives how thankful we are for the husbands that God has given us....how did we survive before hand?? I hope that your week/weekend improves :) I love you and your clumsy self!

Anonymous said...

It is never "goodbye" just "see you later." Wrap yourself up in a project that involves the both of you such as a scrapbook page, a photo album, start writing love notes and hiding them around the house for him to find when he gets home, work on a poem about your guys love, etc. You'll be okay and the time will fly. It'll make you appreciate each other even more when he gets home.

Lauren V. said...

The week went fine - thanks for the encouragements. The Lord was good to sustain me and remind me that He is my eternal husband, and I got to enjoy some alone time and girl time!

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