A year in review

A year ago today, I had been off of caffeine for exactly one week. Although, I definitely fudged a little that first week and had a celebratory Dr. Pepper or two. Even though I've been off caffeine and most sodas (still have root beers occasionally) I have noticed zero weight loss in conjunction with it. Not fair.

A year ago today, I woke up an engaged women for the first time. I was in South Carolina, and went to church at the church where my fiance worked. I couldn't stop looking at my new bling - the unmistakable sparkle of an engagement ring on my left hand - which my sweet (then) boyfriend had placed on my hand the day before. Finally, we were engaged! What an incredible weekend and experience.

Six months ago today, I woke up a "Vanderburg" for the very first time. I woke up next to a new husband and started a life of new adventures. After our wedding the day before, we had embarked on this journey called life and started it off with a bang and a flat tire. Ah, bliss.

We celebrated two milestones yesterday (although I think they both were more significant to me than to him). The first milestone - a year of me having a ring on my left hand and the promise of unity and serving A and serving alongside A for the rest of our lives. We also celebrated six months of marriage - my, how they have FLOWN by! I never would have thought it would have gone so quickly, but it sure did. It has been incredible, and the best six months of my life. Marriage is wonderful, and such an amazing blessing from God.

So today marks the beginning of the second six months of our first year of marriage...Still following? I can't wait to see what happens in these next six months and how God uses our marriage to draw us closer to each other and to show us, even more clearly, Himself and his glorious gospel.



Tiffany Ann said...

You are so right, time DOES fly by, and even faster when you're married! It will be a year for Daniel and I in a few months....crazy! Praise God for marriage and His Gospel.

I love how you started out talking about soda and caffeine and then never mentioned it again. You crack me up.

I love you :)

Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

aww congrats!!

Lauren V. said...

Thanks, guys! Haha, Tiff, I know I am random. The doctor's visit that made me go off caffeine was the Monday before we got engaged, so I'll always remember it during that week!

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