Of beds and ball games

You all probably remember me posting about our bed, with which we have had a love/hate relationship in the last 6 months since we bought it.

Initially, it was heaven, and we LOVED it. I still tend to think it's pretty great, but, thanks to the foam topper on it (part of the mattress), we're returning it. The top section of it has already developed dents and sags in it after only a few months. A has been waking up in pain every night pretty much since March or April. In fact, I found some reviews online, and it seems this is a recurring problem with this particular bed. However, for a bed that has crappy reviews on the website, has a no-holds barred return policy, and cost close to $1,000, you'd think we'd have a little more assistance getting it returned and exchanged.

Four employees of the particular place we bought it from have told me 4 different scenarios on what we can do to get it returned:
1) Bring it into the store ourselves and they'll refund us (it's a California King....). We will then have to order something new from their website, which will take approximately 3 weeks to get in, leaving us bed-less.
2) We can work out some kind of exchange where they bring us a different bed, pick up our old bed, and credit us/charge us for the transaction all at once (the ideal).
3) We pay shipping back on the bed, wait for a refund, then pay shipping on a new bed. By the way, on the website, it clearly states there is NO SHIPPING FEE. This same gentleman, helper #3, also never actually looked up my order or the beds we had been talking about - he only wanted to talk in terms of hypotheticals. Lame.
4) This was #3's supervisor b/c he was ticking me off. Supervisor tells me that what #1, #2 and #3 told me are all incorrect. Although the bed is defective and they don't sell it anymore, they can only do a straight exchange for the identical product which has been recently released with a new name and a clean slate. He then tells me if we want anything different, we cannot return it to the store ourselves, we must have Serta come pick it up, tell the store to credit us, and then order a new bed. In this scenario, we're looking at about 3 weeks without a bed. Fan-freaking-tastic.

I really just wish everyone could get their stories straight. That would be SO helpful.

So anyways, tonight, we're heading over to the store to ask them to order our desired bed to the store for us, without us paying for it, and we will then call for a pickup and refund of our old bed, hopefully leaving us bedless for only a night or two.

Thus, after a stressful day of phone calls about our bed, we decided to take advantage of the fact that we now have a pro ball player living with us, and get some free tickets to go see his game and watch him pitch. However, after dinner, we drove to the ball field, only to find out the box office had some sort of problem and didn't set aside the tickets for us :( Sad day. He definitely threw, too, and we missed it because we were too cheap to pay to get into the game. Ha. We salvaged the night by walking around downtown Durham in the old tobacco factory area, looking at the fountains and hanging out. Right before we got in the car, I was admiring some pretty flowers and A went to cut a chunk off for me.

Whoops - turned out they were roses with some pretty nasty thorns. He laid a finger right into a big thorn! Sorry, babe :( So, no flowers, no baseball game and no comfort in sleep. I'm glad the Lord is sovereign and that these are INCREDIBLY petty issues in the big scheme of things. I'm thankful that even when our backs hurt, our plans are foiled and our fingers are stabbed, that the Lord is who he is and that we are his.



Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

Well Hannah and you guys are in the same boat. Her crib was recalled so we are having to put together a new one and take hers apart and take it back to the store which is not the ideal situation.

How is it living with two men? I can't imagine ;)

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