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Last night was the LOST finale. To say I (we, haha) both boo-hooed would be an understatement. Out of respect for blog readers that haven't seen it, all I'll say is that each flashback had me tearing up and crying, and the final LOST that flashed on the screen brought on the crocodile tears. It felt like I had lost a lot of close friends.

Although I disagree with the direction they took the show's worldview, it is a beautiful thing when you think about it: the stories of the lives of people who are flawed and in need of redemption find it through love. Just like the Lord's love for us frees us of our sinful pasts and allows us to move forward with purpose for the Kingdom, the characters' love for one another forgave past sins and gave them a purpose for life: sacrificial love and service for one another.

Anyways, it's weird (and sad) how much a part of our lives that show has become. In order to commemorate the ending of an era, I threw a little LOST party for A and I. He doesn't like theme parties usually, but I told him he didn't have to dress up at all. I took care of a few decorations, some themed food and a few party favors! If you watched the show, hopefully you'll understand! Namaste :)

Get it? Instead of Devil's Food Cake...

Our "boarding passes."

"Namaste! Welcome to the Dharma Initiative" :)

Benny stayed awake with us, all with the hopes of being given a leia too! He loved it.

In other media-related things, I am almost done with book #4 of the Eclipse series: Breaking Dawn. I'm not sure what I'll do when I'm through with the series, as I have enjoyed them immensely. I keep wanting to talk about it with my husband, but as he has sworn to never read the books, I'm at the mercy of the release of the movies. Speaking of which: June 30 is the next one. Woot! I'm pretty stinking excited :)

My thoughts, then, lately have seemed to focus on LOST, Twilight movies and Breaking Dawn. I have found myself getting caught up in these silly, make-believe stories and roaring through them. What is it that makes these stories, and others, so attractive? It shames me that as much time and energy I have put into reading reading about vampires and watching about island-dwellers, I have devoted less time to the greatest story of all: the Gospel.

There are, of course, parallels: The struggle of good vs. evil, alliances with those who are fundamentally different....the startling realization that people are all people - the same at the core, sacrificial love, redemption, the afterlife, and purpose.

So as I lose myself in these fictional stories, why do I forget to lose myself in the greatest story of all, the story of Jesus? It is THAT story that holds the answers to all the questions. It is THAT story that can capture my soul every day for the rest of eternity. What an incredible story: A perfect King with perfect motivation to destroy me for my wicked heart, but instead, loves me and sacrifices himself for me, so that I might find joy in Him and live forever enjoying the richness of his mercy.

What a beautiful story. What a beautiful ending to that story. What a beautiful Author and Creator.



Ginny Alley McCullough said...

Thank you for not spoiling as Adam and I arrived home to Augusta to find our cable had not been plugged in while we were gone and therefore did not record the season finale of Lost. Eh. He is on the phone with them now to see how to get it back on. I love that you had a theme night, hilarious. And...I honestly believe the reason we don't get wrapped up in the greatest story of all is simply because it's what we know we should do. Humans = Rebels without a cause.

Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

You are so cute to throw a party for the two of you. I stopped watching LOST after the second season...but I know what ya mean. It's easier to spend time on other story lines rather than the one that is our LIFE. Good eye opener. Hope to see you next weekend!

Janet said...

Thanks for the photos from the 'party', you are very creative!
Love you!

Lauren V. said...

Haha, Ginny. Your humans=rebels without a cause line made me laugh. Sorry you missed the finale! Did you guys get a chance to watch it yet? Hope so!! And Lindsay, yes, definitely plan to see me this weekend :) Sunday night works for me - let's pow-wow with Baugh and see if it does for her too! Mom, glad to see you on here :)

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