Yesterday was A’s last day as a Bruegger’s employee. I, for one, am thankful. Actually, make that “for two.” He’s pretty delighted to be done.

After four months of 3-4 mornings a week waking up at 4am, returning to a normal schedule will be absolutely wonderful for us. However, to commemorate the last three months of life as a Bruegger’s employee, here are my top three stories from there.

1) A’s standing at the cash register ringing up a lady with a little girl. He looks at the lady and says, “Aw….She looks just like you,” to which the lady replies, “It’s not my kid.” Classy, babe. You always know just what to say to make a girl feel good!
2) My husband has graduated from college, spent a year working on a Master’s of Education, and then earned his Master of Divinity a year and a half ago. Needless to say, working at Bruegger’s has been a humbling experience for him, what with his background and all. So anyways, one day he is talking to a collegiate-aged colleague of his and mentions that something at Brugger’s was “crazy.” She looked at him and said, “You want to see crazy, you should go to college! THAT”S crazy!” Ha.
3) This past week, A realized that an uncooked lump of pumpernickel dough looks a lot like poop. He twisted a lump of it around, spritzed it with a little water, and dropped it on the floor of the men’s bathroom – right next to a toilet. He then tried to make one of the employees clean up the bathroom, but when he refused, A went in there with him and picked the “poop” up in his bare hands. The kid flipped out.

So there you go, some of our favorite stories from Bruegger’s. It wasn’t a bad job, but just really hard on his body and on our schedule.

This week we’re in Florida for the Southern Baptist Convention, because I’ll be covering it for work. I’m kind of excited, because we get to spend the week together and do it in Florida! Fun times. We’ll be visiting my friend Jenn in St. Augustine tomorrow and then heading into Orlando. I’ll work Monday-Wednesday, Thursday we’ll hit up one of the Disney resorts (Any recommendations, from people that know us? We’ve both been before, but not together). Then Friday, we’ll start the journey home.

So pray for safe travels for us, if you think about it. Pray for the leaders of the SBC as big things (GCR) come to pass and new leaders come to play. If any of you will be around this week, I’d love to see you!



Anonymous said...

I'm telling you...Magic Kingdom is the best. ;-) Especially for newlyweds.

Anonymous said...

Hey lil sis...have fun in FL and enjoy the conference!

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