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It's like two steps forward and three steps back with our home life. Seriously.

A finally talked to a different supervisor at Sam's yesterday who told us they have no idea where our new bed came from, only that our actual order is still in progress. Meanwhile, we have a more expensive bed than we ordered sitting in our room. If they don't ask for it back, I am not ashamed to keep it and sell it. We discussed it seriously, and then my Dad told me to not do anything that would make me feel bad, but after all of this, I won't feel bad about selling a bed they didn't even know they gave us. Not. At. All.

On the phone yesterday, A explained the situation - again - and the supervisor had no solutions, other than telling us we'd be getting our actual, ordered bed after the order finished processing.

If we get charged for two beds, you can better believe hell hath no fury like a woman pissed at Sam's. Amen.

In other home-news, we had to decide by yesterday if we wanted to stay in our mediocre apartment or figure out someplace else to live come October. After thinking about it and talking about it and contemplating moving in two months....we re-signed our lease for another year.

The wasps are gone, we have a new dishwasher, we haven't seen any arrests lately and the rent didn't go up at all. Plus - NO MOVING. Sounds like a deal to me! ;)

In anticipation of staying in our place another whole year, I am in a decorating fever. First - paint some art for behind our bed to serve as some color and a focal point in an otherwise blah room. Second - I want to buy some blue curtains to bring a pop of color into the blah room. Third, I would like to go through and clean out some stuff - organize, you know. We have too much crap. Fourth - I would really like to finish (start?) sanding and repainting the table I have had sitting, covered, on our deck since, oh, February. It would be really clutch to have a little desk for all our stuff, other than the dining room table. Fifth - curtains for the living room, to bring some more color and style into the space. Sixth - I may paint a wall. Who knows?

This is where my lovely lady friends are needed. You all have skills. I have seen them. Help me organize? Help me decorate? Pretty please?



Michelle said...

It would be really clutch? What does that mean? Sheesh, I've only been out of the country for 3 weeks and I'm already behind on my slang...

Anonymous said...

Girrrl...I love to decorate! ;-)

Ginny Alley McCullough said...

Gladly will help you organize or decorate. Let's chat soon :)

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