They screwed up. Again.

I should have started a file months ago when we first had issues with Sam's. It would have helped me to keep track of all the ways they have screwed us.

Like sending us the wrong mattress set.

I was right to not fully believe they'd get the order correct. I just didn't expect this.

After the guys picked up the old, awful Sam's Club mattress set, the Fairmont Eurotop Firm, they proceeded to put down the new set, the Edgebrooke Eurotop Firm.


I checked the online order. I checked the packing slip. Instead of bringing the set we ACTUALLY ordered - the Fairhaven Firm set, they brought us the exact same bed we just got rid of, only under a different name because of all of the bad reviews attached to the one we had.


So, sitting in our room is our deceptively, nice-looking mattress set, that is neither what we ordered nor what we wanted. And again, we are left without a comfortable mattress.

I am so over Sam's - their products, their customer service and especially their online ordering. Friends, where else can we buy a quality California King Mattress Set that is returnable (We're gun-shy now) for around $900???



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