Thrifty Thursday

Thanks for all of the delicious-looking recipe ideas and the recommendations on Pioneer Woman! I'm definitely excited to get back into the swing of cooking. Tuesday, when I asked for requests on dinner, I ended up experimenting and trying to recreate an idea I had seen on Kraft Foods - Bruschetta Chicken.

We ate dinner with an "autentico Italiano" last week, who informed me that bruschetta should be pronounced bru-sketta. In her honor, I tried some Bru-Sketta Chicken and parmesan asparagus with a Caesar salad.

It was tasty, although if you try and do it, don't do what I did: Place chunks of raw garlic in the mix. Woo-wee - was our breath strong! I diced a Roma tomato and mixed it with fresh garlic, some chunks of mozzarella and some fat-free Italian dressing (which I cook with A LOT), then put it on top of some baked chicken. Instead, saute the garlic in some olive oil first, then add it into the mix. This keeps the garlic flavor more subtle and palatable. Unless we're trying to ward off vampires (and since I'm Team Edward, I'm not) we won't be partaking in raw garlic again!

Tonight is date night, or I'd be plotting exactly what I can do for dinner and trying out some of those recipes!

Since it's date night, I wanted to try and look cute for my beloved, so I threw on a new skirt I hoped he might like. He did. I like it for this reason: It was less than $4.

Those of you who know me know I LOVE a good bargain, and I like the thrill of the hunt for them! Before Montana, I had gone to Goodwill to find some cowboy boots (no luck) and instead walked out with this skirt and genuine leather purse - $3.59 and $4, respectively. Ann Taylor Loft and Gap, respectively. I was pretty delighted and still am. This thrift store kick may stick around for a while! If it does, I'll try and institute Thrifty Thursdays, since I love alliteration!

Do you like bargain hunting? What are some of the best spots to snag a good deal? We are all about saving some money here at the VanderHouse, so let me at 'em!



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