A brunette and baseball

Last week was a baseball-filled week for us here in the VanderHouse. Thursday night, my husband and I recreated our first date: We went to dinner in downtown Durham, and then went and watched our friend (and roommate for this season) R.J. pitch for the Durham Bulls.

Two years ago, we ate at a cafe called the Sojourner Cafe that was filled with foreigners, including our Russian waiter, who told us it was his dream to move to Myrtle Beach. The Sojourner is now out of business, so I hope that was impetus enough for him to realize his dream!

Thursday, we ate at a restaurant called Tyler's (try their garlic fries!) in Durham, right along the little "waterfront." We got a perfect table - the water flowing right behind us, we had a view of the green and there was live music at the restaurant.

Afterwards, we went to the ballpark to watch R.J. pitch. On our first date, he was playing for the opposing team and we were in the minority cheering. Thankfully this time, there was plenty of cheering for R.J.'s team, spurring them on to a win in the final championship series.

It was a memorable night. I loved our first date, and I loved this one too. Thankfully, at the end of this date, there was no awkward side-hug and goodbye! I got to take him home ;)

Our dinner view.

At the ballpark.

The Bull blowing smoke after Thursday's win.

Friday night we took our man-child and a friend of his and went and watched R.J. pitch again. Unfortunately, it was not a winning night for the Bulls, and because it was their third loss of the series, their season was over. We still enjoyed the game and the fireworks that followed!

Watching him throw a "R.J. pitch." That is, a curve ball that clocks in around 48-65 miles an hour.

Enjoying the game...as a brunette!

Adrian bought the commemorative mug and he loves it :)

Friday night lights

Riding the bull!

So, there you have it - a weekend full of baseball and being a brunette. I got my hair dyed on Friday at the Mitchell's school in Raleigh. They did a good job, although it took a reeeeaaaally long time! Probably because I requested "no red" and so they had to take extra steps to deal with that request! A likes it though and I'm getting used to it, so, for those of you who have requested pictures of Brunette Lauren, there you go! If you're looking to get a cosmetology or aesthetics service (hair cut, color, nails, pedicures, facials, etc.) done and you're in the area, I recommend visiting the school! They charge much less because it's students doing the work, so for $50 I had done what would have cost me $100 at my regular girl! If you're not in this area but are feeling adventurous with your style, google "cosmetology school" and see what kind of deal you can get!



The Castles said...

Lauren...I am loving your new brunette hair! It looks really nice...and is a fun change for fall! Hope you guys are doing well!


Michelle said...

I agree...I like the brunette look! But you do know that you'll have to stop doing "blonde" things now that you're not a blonde anymore! :-)

Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

OOh I love the Brunette hair...I have been considering going to our nearest cosmetology school to get my hair colored...I think you might have pushed me over the edge! That was sweet to recreate your first date :)

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