Pizza-Making with the Dough Boys

Saturday evening, after (non)church we decided to try and make homemade pizza. (Details on "non"church later!)

A had seen a bag of pizza dough at Harris Teeter for like, $2, so we asked at the counter and got some "instructions" on how to cook it, and then we picked out a bunch of ingredients for our pizza and went to work. We grabbed some baby bella mushrooms, made some grilled chicken, put on tomatoes, black olives, onions, and some ridiculously hot banana peppers. Unbeknownst to us, there are two varieties of banana peppers - sweet and spicy. We, of course, accidentally ended up with the spicy ones , which A discovered when he started munching on them. Whoops.

One mouthful of peppers in, and he was demanding water and stuffing some bread in his face and covering his mouth with it to try and take the burn out! I'm glad I don't eat raw peppers :) Although, my fingers started feeling pretty fiery, either from the chopping or the cooking of them!

Anyways, we had to actually try and toss the pizza dough ourselves to get it shaped right and that was an adventure in an of itself. Naturally, Mr. Baseball Player did WAY better than I did (Hey, I only dropped the dough in the sink once!)


What a pro

What a scared face!

Layering our veggies

While we were having a good time throwing the dough, Ben was having a grand old time too! Check out the video below :)

After it was all said and done, although the pizza was good, we decided that for the $15 we spent on ingredients, we probably could have just ordered a pizza from somewhere and been just as satisfied with the food. It was good, just kind of bland. And yes, bland even after we put the peppers on (cooked). Any pizza recipes that you've found to be good?

All done!



Michelle said...

I have THE best pizza sauce recipe ever. And the crust is pretty dang good too. It's on my recipe blog under "pizza"...just the normal pizza recipe. If you don't like chunky sauce you can puree it in a food processor to make it smoother. And try it first without's not like a Pizza Hut's great without toppings.

Anonymous said...

LOVE Ben in that video. He's awesome.

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