Change of plans

Well, as many of you know, this weekend/week was supposed to go something like this:

Drop A off at the airport
Pick a good friend up from airport
Go to the International Festival w/ her
Go to Ocean Isle, NC for a high school friend's wedding
Have lunch with my parents
Fly to Haiti for the week

Instead, plans changed. The only thing that stayed the same was my friend coming in and my parents taking me to lunch. I started feeling bad Friday morning and by Saturday afternoon, was at the Urgent Care getting a diagnosis of strep. Thankfully, my parents were about an hour away, so while my friend had taken my car to go to the wedding, they came over to take care of me and hang out with me while I was sick and weepy.

Yesterday I had to make another tough decision and decided that since I was still feeling so yucky, I wouldn't be going to Haiti. I was supposed to go to cover a mission trip for work, but with a 5am departure set for this morning, and an elevated temperature and sore throat remaining, decided to "bag it," as my boss said.

So, with that, I find myself with some time to sit and read, pray and study. A and I really wanted to make this week one of searching and praying and asking the Lord for guidance and direction on our future. We have been thinking about and praying about an opportunity for our ministry and our life, and really want to seek the Lord's face this week about that.

So with that, some thoughts from my crazy, weird and unexpected weekend:
-My husband is an unbelievable blessing, and I hate when we're apart
-I'm thankful for my parents, who urged me to go to the doctor and who came and fixed dinner for me, hung out with me, and took care of me when I was feeling so crappy
-A heartfelt "thank you" goes a long way
-I'm grateful for a job that provides opportunities like Haiti, but even more grateful for a boss who shows grace and understanding when I have strep
-Mostly, I'm thankful for my Lord who pursues me, loves me, showers me with grace, and has adopted me into his family. Jesus is my example of grace and through the Holy Spirit, I learn how to love others even when it's hard.



Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

oh Lauren I'm so sorry for the change in events this weekend! I guess we had similar dilemmas, but I didn't miss a trip to Haiti...just a trip to see you which is still sad! I hope you get to feeling better soon and enjoy this time of reflection.

kathy said...

Sorry to hear about life not cooperating with the best laid plans. So glad you have understanding friends and family surrounding you!

Your Friend said...

Sometimes we have to see the small signs in order to see the big sign. Pray this week with your husband and follow your heart. (I was going to say hearts but now technically it is one heart)

I hope you are feeling better -- I know being away from your husband when you are sick makes it even worse. Hang in there, he’ll be home soon.

Anonymous said...

Girl, that's tough...but I'm glad you have time to really be seeking the Lord's guidance for your future.
Hope you have a wonderful and blessed week.

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