Babies and brownies

Hey guys, thanks for the encouraging words about this weekend's/week's situation! I am thankful the Lord's perspective and plans are so much more far-reaching than mine, and I'm thankful for how he accomplishes his purposes - both on the micro (my life) level, as well as the macro (whole world) level. He really is an amazing Father who gives such good gifts.

I'm celebrating a couple of those gifts tonight!

Tonight is a "Babies" and brownies night with this lady and this one. I got the movie on Netflix specifically because A) A was out of town and wouldn't have to watch a chick movie of this magnitude with me and B) I was supposed to be in Haiti playing with adorable babies but I'm not, so now I can at least see how babies in other cultures are raised!

I'm going to make some brownies and maybe spice them up with chocolate fudge pudding or Reese's Dark Chocolates...We shall see :)

After celebrating the gifts of friends, chocolate and babies, I'll be heading to the airport to pick up my HOT husband, who I have missed terribly. This whole "become one flesh" thing means I feel ripped apart when we're not together for so long.

So, HURRAH!! He's coming home!!! Ben and I are so excited :)

P.S. - Lindsay, I wish you lived closer to watch the movie with us since you were the one I first heard about it from!!



Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

oh man I saw your title and I thought you were pregnant and your first craving was brownies!! hahaha not quite :)

Anonymous said...

It was a fun night! Thanks for the invite. :-)

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