I've hijacked my wife's blog this post! This is "A" for those of you I don't know!. To those who know me well, you know that I'm not a huge blogger. I decided that in an effort to love my wife well, I would surprise her by posting a blog to her for our anniversary. As if posting a blog for everyone to see wasn't far enough out of my comfort zone, I decided to push completely out of my comfort zone by creating a video for her (techie stuff I'm not good at) that attempted to capture and adequately express my feelings for her (emotional stuff I'm not good at). So, here is my attempt to do something for my wife in the context that she knows and loves.

Now, for your assignment...

I would like all of you to post comments about what Lauren means to you and how she's impacted your life. Please let her know how much she's loved. Thanks.



Anonymous said...

haha..aww, what a guy! ;-)

Lauren, you are indeed awesome. I'm sooo glad we're friends.

Your Friend said...

Holy Crapola, this is the sweet thing I have ever seen! Lauren, I have never met you but hopefully someday soon I will. I have heard so many great things about you, and you seem like a bubbly, radiant, sweet, tenderhearted, loving, caring (and the list goes on) person. Someday soon I hope to see all those beautiful qualities for myself.

A, wow, a standing applause to you! You brought tears to my eyes. I can hear the love in your voice that you have for your wife. Honestly, you left me speechless and that never happens. :)

Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

Love you Crane! Hope you're having a sweet anniversary at the beach together :)

Lauren V. said...

Thanks for the sweet comments and well-wishes! He is quite a guy, and I'm so glad it's so evident!

Mom said...

Lauren and Adrian, this tribute to the Lord and to each other is a blessing to so many people. We will continue to keep you two, your marriage, your future and your lives in front of the Lord in prayer.
We love you and are so thankful for your marriage and your hearts.

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