You may say I'm a dreamer...

But sometimes I think I'm a creeper! Seriously.

Quick run-down of the last 4 night's dreams I've had:
-I dreamed I was being chased by the police in Mexico. When they caught up (which they obviously did, since I'm not that crafty, even in my dreams), they started to take me back across the border, but decided to detour and let our little band of convicts hang out with Miley Cyrus for the day. Oh wait. Miley is actually a very old childhood friend of mine named Kelsey. Psych. We had a jolly good time before I was pushed across the Rio Grande with the police car at my back and my arms spread in joy above me.
-Last night I dreamed I was in the back of a bus, watching our dog Ben standing in the open doorway! I wanted to get the bus to stop and shut the door so he wouldn't fly out, but they wouldn't stop, and he was so happy! There was water flying in his face from somewhere and he was loving it. Also, I got some free sunglasses. I can't explain that connection, except that it happened.
-A few night ago I dreamed I was fishing on a pier, when lo and behold, my hook caught a turtle. As I pulled the turtle up, I noticed it had something fleshy in its mouth....It was a *ahem* chunk of male turtle anatomy. Sick, sick, sick. Why?! After I tossed ALL of my catches back in the water, I met up with some old friends from high school. End of story.
-In another of my dreams this week, I spent some time with the Duggars. As in, 19 Kids and Counting! I went to a homeschooling session with them and saw their bedrooms, which basically consisted of each person having a twin bed and a cubby. Also - all the girls were now women. No one else aged except for them, but they were all grown up, all really large (height and size-wise) and all had multiple children of their own who were all living in the same house. In my dream, I also found out they are Pentecostal. Is that true? I have no idea.

So, since I'm no Joseph, I'm not going to even try and interpret those dreams, other than to say, I have a friend named Kelsey who - I guess in hindsight - looks mildly like Miley Cyrus, I have turtles, I saw pictures of a friend who went fishing, Ben loves car rides, I tried to get free sunglasses recently, and I have seen exactly 2 episodes of the Duggar's TV show.

Who needs TV when you have dreams like that though? Weird....but sometimes entertaining. I'm a little nervous to see what my brain will conjure up during a couple long sleeps this weekend!

Do you have really weird dreams? Do they seem to happen all at once? Do you remember them? Please tell me I'm not THAT weird!



Derek and Amanda said...

haha! That is funny! I have wierd dreams and I would say that at least 80-90% of my dreams are me running from someone or maybe a group of people and I wake up really tired because I feel like I have been running all night long. Yes, Derek tells me all the time that my dreams are wierd. Rarely do I have a dream that I want to fall back asleep and relive. Except this one time, soon after Derek and I got married. He startled me and I woke up (sort of) and i said, but sweetie, I was swimming with the dolphins. haha! I guess I did not want to wake up from that dream. lol!

Lindsay said...

hahaha you crack me up! I don't normally remember my dreams but the ones I remember are mostly weird.

Michelle said...

Ok, first of all, I do believe you have a typo. :-) "Duggar's" should be "Duggars'", right?

Second of all, yes, I have weird dreams. Have you ever played Settlers of Catan? When I was pregnant with Lane I dreamed (dreamt?) something about that game and needing to play pieces in the correct manner "for the baby." Seriously?

I don't remember my dreams that often, but when I do...they're usually weird. :-)

Lauren V. said...

Michelle - DANG! I even re-checked it and was just defending myself when I realized what you mean. Fail :)

I'm glad you guys all have crazy dreams too...Helps to know I'm not the only one!

Lindsay, last night I dreamed I was working at some kind of bootcamp for people from high school. I may or may not have been handing out guns. I remember Nikki and Barkley being there (before they were kidnapped)....and Lauren Clabough. Weird. I am so weird! :)

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