Cheap date night

Just an FYI for my Triangle-area friends:

Tonight (1/28) you can get a $.99 Joey Jr. burrito at the Moe's in the area. This deal is good for today only, so if you haven't eaten yet, go get a good, cheap burrito at the 14 Raleigh-area locations. While you're out, use this (MRC37H) coupon code for a free Blockbuster box movie rental. We both grabbed a Joey Jr., with chips and salsa, and Secretariat for a grand total of $2.16.

I don't know why my text is suddenly in bold, so my apologies on that. Maybe because it's such a boldly cheap date night? Yes??

Have fun and enjoy some cheapo things!



Anonymous said...

I wrote this on my blog comments, but in case you don't see it, I'm posting it here. ;-)

Yes, I've seen that! What an awesome husband.

Bento boxes are really just small boxes that contain an entire meal. And you can get creative with it and those are called character bento.
A lot of people are Americanizing this Japanese tradition and making cute lunches for their kids using sandwiches, fruit, etc. I love it.

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