New Stuff: Cameras and....cows?


I had this grand idea to tell you about all the new stuff I'm getting right now: My camera arrived at home today, I'm waiting on some new earrings from Mom to come in, a movie ticket I bought for CHEAP should be here soon, and a great deal on my favorite perfume from No More Rack tells me I should have Cool Water in the mailbox veeerrry soon. So, I'm excited about the mailman and all the things he'll be bringing soon!

What I wish I could get brought to me? A MILKman with a new jug of milk. And a mental eraser.

I bought a new jug last night at the store, only to have it fall out of the back of my car in the parking lot at home, bust open immediately and spew milk all over my pants, socks and shoes.

It is in that vein that the "blehhhh" comes in: I was remembering that though I took off the milk-wet pants and socks as soon as I got inside the door, and although I put them in the washing machine I added neither water nor soap, so my pants and socks still have milk on them - only now - it's surely dry. Sour milk on my work clothes = blehhhhh.

What gets a "double blehhhhh"? Googling an image of a busted milk jug to be used on the blog ....There is no reason those words should have brought up a picture of a big-busted woman with her chest painted to look like a cow's udders. In fact, nevermind the Google picture - there is no reason to paint your bare chest to look like a cow's udders!!

I wish I had something witty to say, but I am so disgusted right now. All I can say to you, big-busted, heifer woman, is that that picture is udderly inappropriate. Oh, the things I go through for this blog...

;) That's all, folks. Happy February.



Anonymous said...

hahaha oh my, funny but gross. Sadly, you have to be careful about what you google these days. Don't cry over spilt milk :)

Michelle said...

Cool Water is my favorite perfume too! Unfortunately I wear it, oh, never, now that I have a baby. Maybe in 5-10 years I'll get to wear it again. Do you think my current supply will still be good then? :-)

Ginny Alley McCullough said...

Hilarious. I hate that happened...and that woman, ew.

Lauren V. said...

Ewww is right. Michelle, why can't you wear perfume with Lane? I'm sure it's some kind of common knowledge for moms, but enlighten me :)

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