J. Crew Warehouse Sale

Once again the radio was a helpful shopping tool. No, I (unfortunately) did not win another $100 gift card by being on a radio program, but I did hear about a "secret" warehouse sale, full of great bargains as I drove into work Friday.

As soon as I got into the office, I Googled the location and warehouse sale and found out J. Crew was hosting a regional warehouse/clearance sale in Chapel Hill. Being the crazy, adventurous shopper I am, I ventured out there Saturday with my friend Stephanie. After waiting in line, we were issued shopping bags (giant trash bags) that we then hauled around like Santa with a toy sack for the rest of the day.

Standing in line for the sale...We waited about 15 minutes to be given a price list and shopping bag before going in.

All I knew was that stuff was supposed to be really cheap, it was last year's samples and that we'd have to dig. I had no idea that much of the stuff would say "sample" on it or HOW MUCH we'd have to dig. Seriously - boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff. To find anything, you literally had to dive into a row, stake a claim on an area and methodically go through every item.

Like I said - boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes full of stuff! Shoes up front and everything else, in no order, in back.

This entire empty store was filled to the brim with unmarked boxes packed full of J. Crew shoes, sweaters, shirts, pants, cardigans, dresses, coats, skirts and swimsuits. And that was just the womens' side. As we dug through the boxes, looking for good finds in our sizes, we'd occasionally hear a whoop and a holler from people who founds something they (evidently) had been dying without.

Stephanie and I spent about 4 hours going through the piles of stuff, looking for cheap treasures. I was on the hunt for some gladiator sandals ($10) or a replica of our bridesmaid dress (embossed cotton halter in a size 4 for $20) but instead I walked away with a new bathing suit ($6) and a pair of Tretorn tennis shoes ($10). I tried to buy a cute shirt for $10, but when they told me it was a dress (at THAT length?! At $20? I don't think so!) I said no thanks.

One more thing I did NOT buy. I don't care if it is J. Crew, it's ugly.

We had a good time though, pawing through the boxes and sharing a feeling of camaraderie with other bargain shoppers. However, I have to say, I think for the average "bargain" shopper, $30 for a pair of shoes or $25 for a pair of pants isn't THAT great of a deal - J. Crew or not. But, if you're in the mood for some adventurous shopping, with the chance of finding a good deal, you could probably have a rollicking good time at the J. Crew warehouse sale in Chapel Hill. Unlike one friend of mine, who went with her husband for a date night, I recommend going with a girlfriend - not your husband. It's enough crowds and chaos to make even a seasoned-shopping husband panic!

All that said, I'm not opposed to taking another stab at the sale to see what I can find. It's on until Jan. 23 and apparently, they restock every day as trucks continue to bring in products. If you're into extreme shopping and want to go, let me know :)

P.S. - I'm seeing a lot of people searching for details on the sale, so here's the facts: It's taking place in Chapel Hill at University Mall on Estes Dr. The store is directly across from Roses. The daily hours are 10-8, I believe, but don't hold me to that :) Also, it's here until the 23rd!



Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

Stefan has been telling me about this sale! It looks a little overwhelming. JCrew had their factory stuff online plus 30% off last week, so matt and I ordered some things for cheap but it looks like you may have gotten things even cheaper!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness. I would have driven to Chapel Hill if I would have known about this. -Jessie

Lauren V. said...

If either of you wants to go, drive up and you've got a place to stay with me! I'll go shopping again with you :)

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