When did I become so boring?

I've been listening to a lot of Pink's "Funhouse" CD this week - it gets me jazzed up for whatever adventure lies ahead - kicking butt and taking names or conquering the world ...or you know, it may just get me jazzed up for whatever my trip to the grocery store will hold. Eh, tomato, tomahto.

So anyways, as I sit here trying to write a blog post today, one part of Pink's song "Please Don't Leave Me" keeps echoing in my head. Except, instead of asking, "How did I get so obnoxious?" I just keep wondering, "How did I get so boring?" Instead of regaling you, my dear blog readers, with witty tales of this oh-so-exciting life I lead, all I can do is apologize for being so boring and beg, along with Pink: "Please don't leave me." I thrive off your blog-love and comments. (Don't judge me - I'm working on thriving off just Jesus.)

Although there has been lots of little victories at the VanderHouse this week, nothing is really blog-worthy. I think I am recognizing that two truly are better than one. In the beginning of this blog journey, I told you stories of how ridiculous and awkward our adventures as a married couple were. In the 15 months since we've been married, we have apparently started to tame both our individual and our collective ridiculousness and awkwardness. So, instead of stories of running into barriers or getting pulled over sans driver's license, all that comes to mind is to share about our meals or our activities, and that seem so....normal.

This used to be a funhouse but now it's full of evil clowns....(thanks for the just the right words again, Pink). So, rather than bore you to death with little ditties about where we went for A's birthday dinner this week, or how we were too tired at 8:30 to watch a movie to celebrate, or my first Zumba class that got me hooked (12 years behind the cool kids), I'll just suffice to say, "So what? I'm still a rockstar. I've got my rock moves, and I don't need you tonight."



Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post VanderLady.
Girl, I've been asking myself the SAME thing. The other night I was apologizing to Alex for being such a boring wife. These days I don't want to do anything! I just want to stay home in my jeans and sweater and slippers and cuddle with Jaxon. I'm too tired and lazy to do anything fun or exciting.
So today I finally let go of the jeans and put on my favorite skirt from Anthropologie (it gets me jazzed up the way Pink gets you jazzed up) and I'm ready to have a fun night with the hubs once he gets home from work. I even put on a pair of earrings. Woo-Hoo!

In my defense, I blame the first trimester for taking away my spunk. I'm hoping once the second trimester hits I'll be out on the town enjoying this wonderful city. :-)

Michelle said...

I'm sure you've both still got plenty of spunk! Having spunk for the blogging world is another story, though, and one I think that many of us struggle with. At least since I have a baby I can always throw up photos of her if I can't think of anything else to say!

kathy said...

Apparently all the cool kids are into Zumba. I was all jazzed to start exercise classes at this place super-close to our house (like, I would even walk, even though it's been below 25 for a few days now) but then they canceled the class I signed up for. Sad.

Lauren V. said...

Ladies, I assure you you are NOT boring. Kristel - seriously, if you feel boring right now, blame it ALL on the pregnancy. You're one of my most fascinating friends, I think :) And Michelle, for goodness sakes, you are raising a ONE YEAR OLD in a tres chic foreign country! NOT boring either. And Kathy, if you lived in NC, we could go to classes together. But I probably wouldn't walk with you. Especially not in 25 degree weather. I'm sorry :(

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