Life is getting more interesting...

Well, as of Monday night, I am married to a professor.

Did you hear me? A PROFESSOR. If that doesn't just SOUND interesting, I don't know what does. My husband is so distinguished :)

He had an interview Monday to teach Adult Education classes at one of the colleges in Denver, and it appears that whenever we move, A will gain the title of "Professor Vanderburg." What a stud! He'll be teaching communications and maybe some Biblical studies courses. Wahoo! What a blessing, what an answer to prayer and what a good God to provide for us!!

As for things in the here and now, we both want to be more intentional with our time. As such, I signed up for the (aforementioned) Zumba classes, with the intentional of a) getting in shape and b) meeting some new people to build relationships with so I can hopefully tell them about Jesus! Also, as far as our time, we're going to start spending Tuesday evenings down by one of the colleges with our new church "family groups" so we can be intentional about building relationships with some people.

So, boring as I have felt, things are picking up. I'm thankful God gives us seasons - seasons of rest and seasons of activity. I'm thankful for Jesus.



allison said...

I LOVE that you are still making it a point to be intentional about meeting people right here in Raleigh even though you know your time here is short. It's a true testament to your desire for people to know the Lord. Thank you for your heart to share the gospel.

Lindsay said...

Wow Congratulations to A, being a professor sounds really distinguished, very cool! I just read your last 3 blogs and am excited for your camera purchase. I'm going to check out Ebates!

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