Sick day

Yesterday, I stayed home with a migraine.

Today is our sixteen month anniversary AND Benny's 4th birthday! We've been planning all week on celebrating Ben's birthday together (the first time as a family - A would never admit before how much he loves our little mongrel, and therefore wouldn't agree to any celebrations) and on having a good date night out. Also? It FINALLY feels like beautiful weather and I wanted to go out and enjoy it!

Instead, I have what feels to be the beginnings of a yucky sickness, complete with a headache, super-sore throat and mild fever. And Ben....poor Benny. He woke up with a spider bite, one eye swollen shut, a swollen nose and itchies all over.

So today looks like this:  
Beautiful weather + anniversary + Ben's birthday = a great day
Beautiful weather + anniversary + Ben's birthday + me sick (again) + Ben sick + an unexpected trip to the vet = a disappointing, wish-I-wasn't-always-sick-on-fun-days day.

On the bright side - Ben has pills to pop and I can find some for me too. I'm going to salvage this promising day if it kills me. Which it might. It really, really might.



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