Here comes the sun...

My how the time flies when you're.....really, really busy.

What? Is that not how the saying goes?

It's been over three weeks since I've posted, and that is a really long time for me. Generally, I find it pretty easy to write about myself and my life - I'm sure you've all noticed this - but isn't that what a blog is for? Lately though, I've been crazy busy, both physically and mentally. Not only have I not gotten a ton of sleep lately for being on-the-go, but I haven't had much of a mental break lately either. Life has been... interesting, and it's keeping my brain all twisted up and working hard.

So, there's my bucketful of excuses. Do you accept? Pretty please? A just read me a prayer about not seeking others' approval, so I'm not really trying to get back in your good blogging graces, buuuuut it would be nice to know we are OK :)

All that to say: I'm back in the blogosphere. We're in Florida currently for the my second time this month. This trip is INFINITELY more enjoyable for two reasons 1) I am with my husband. That makes everything better 2) On this drive, I am allowed to go to the bathroom whenever I need to - a luxury not really afforded me when traveling with a group of 18. We're here this weekend as A officiates the wedding of a friend and former teammate. It's been beautiful weather - sun, 70s and a breeze. Although we're sitting in Starbucks currently polishing his sermon, I have every intention of hitting the beach VERY soon for a wee bit of sun-worship. Ok - not sun-worship. I worship Jesus, but some serious sun enjoyment :) You know what I mean.

So with that said, here's a link (for you, Mom and Dad!) to some of my photos from the first Florida trip. I loved having my new camera and being able to get more familiar with my settings, lighting situations and movie mode. I am getting better with the technical aspects of it, so now I need to work on recovering my "eye." I've been shooting here this weekend already, so hopefully we'll be able to see some improvement soon!

Thanks for hanging with me, and hope you all have had an excellent March!



kathy said...

Glad you're back. I was actually thinking about emailing you to ask ;-).

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