What lies ahead

It's been a crazy week of looking ahead. I'm sorry to say I've done a bad job of being all here and focusing only on what today holds. Instead, I've been looking a lot to the future and panicking because I don't have all the answers and because I don't always like what it looks like.

Here's a brief glimpse into what lies ahead and what consumes my thoughts this week:

Florida. I'm leaving in the morning for nine days for a trip to "the homeland" for work. I say "the homeland" because Florida is where I was born and spent the first nine and a half years of my life. Although I'm heading to Tampa (close to where I'm from), we'll also spend half the time in Miami - a city I've never been to. I'm really sad (REALLY) to be leaving my amazing husband and sweet pooch for so long, but I am excited to get to visit Miami before we leave the East Coast. Also on the Florida horizon is a trip two weeks later so A can officiate the wedding of a good friend from college. We'll be hitting up a different area of the state for that, so at least I won't be in the same place too long...I may see more of Florida than my own state this month! Ok, not really, 12 days versus 19 days, but it's close.

Also on the horizon - the move to Denver. I'm pretty bummed about not getting to spend the week with the rest of the team this week as 13 of them visit Colorado and look for jobs, housing, etc. and learn all about our new city. So, with that said, A and I have been looking together for housing options, and we've begun considering buying a house. Incidentally, it started with this awesome condo we both really like, but may have stopped with the awesome condo as the implications of not being able to sell it/having to be landlords has weighed on us. What are your thoughts on condo ownership? A good thing? A bad thing? Something worth looking into?? Thinking about buying has led us to take look after look at our finances and recognize that I NEED A JOB out there. Regardless of whether we buy or rent, I'm going to need a solid income in order for us to pay down debts and live on mission in the city. Please join us in praying for the Lord's direction on all things Denver.

To give you another glimpse into our life, April could be way busy too with trips to SC, my mom-in-law in town and a trip West to look for a home and a job (I suppose the order should be flipped). June I'll be in Arizona for the SBC and maybe moving our stuff.....So May, here's looking at you kid. Right now, you look like a welcome month of rest. So there you go. Here WE go. Hang on - it's going to be a crazy ride.



Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you, friend.
I'm confident God will provide for al your needs. We miss you guys! Have fun in FL. Give that warm humid air a big hug from me. ;-)

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