Once upon a train

High-speed travel it was not, but a long slow day on the train was just what the doctor ordered.

Unless the tick that bit me and maybe gave me Lyme Disease was on the train - in that case, the doctor probably would have advised me to stay off the train. But I don't think it happened that way.

Last Thursday was Train Day. Although I didn't have a jaunty little hat, and although the train wasn't decked out in mahogany, it had a charm all its own. I felt like I saw a slice of Americana that I don't often see: tiny towns that are straight from 1950, historic theater buildings, family graveyards randomly set in the middle of a field, little bakeries with $.85 cupcakes (yum!) and people who ride the train - not on a whim - but as a way of life.

There was a dark-haired, dark-eyed little girl with her mother on the first train. As they settled in to eat the sandwiches they had brought, she whispered, "This feels like a dream. A lovely dream."

I agree. It was a little bit magical, with the sunshine racing between the trees along the tracks, the conductors who wore their blue hats proudly and the anticipation of an adventure, stretching out before us. Here's my attempt to share the lovely little dream with you. Enjoy.


Downtown Raleigh
All aboard!

On my way to Wilson.

This man had a jaunty little hat on :)

Graveyard on the homestead.

Wilson train station
Lovely mural inside the otherwise fairly ghetto station.

My Canon's battery died somewhere in the station and naturally, I didn't have my charger. I'm thankful for my phone, though, which allowed me to keep capturing the memories, albeit at a lower quality.

Historic theater in Dillon.

Off the back of the train.
Last but not least, a little video I made of the journey. Hopefully it loads :)



Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

WOw you really made me want to ride a train :) I like slower paced travel but I don't know if Matt and Hannah would go for it at the moment. Your video was great too...with the Matt Kearney music...perfect!

Don Crane said...

Slick!! As always, enjoyed your writing, and with the photos the post was extra special. Best part? I loved the "artsieness" of the railroad tracks in the last 15 seconds of the video. Great touch.


Janet said...

It was a terrific summary, loved the video and the song. You have a gift, my lovely daughter!

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