Denver anticipation

Like a dream, a lovely dream, my train ride and weekend in Charleston have come and gone, and I'm left with memories and mental images. Lucky for you, those mental images are accompanied by ACTUAL images of my train experience and time in S. Carolina. However, as I am in the process of trying to teach myself Lightroom and better photo-editing techniques, I'm not going to share the pictures juuuust yet. When I'm satisfied with the editing I've done, I'll post some here to show you, but until then - practice patience. It's a virtue.

Meanwhile, I just wanted to share some things I am excited about with the impending move to Denver. Although "impending" is often followed by "doom," that is not the message I wish to convey. Rather, I want to you to know that it's getting close and I'm EXCITED! Although we haven't really begun to pack (at all, actually) our things, here are some things I am mentally projecting I will be excited about when we land in the Mile High City. Because lists are always better in 10s, here are ten things (in no particular order) that I'm looking forward to!

I am excited about....
1. Not having to scroll through a gazillion state abbreviations that start with "N" anymore. No kidding - there are SIX state abbreviations that begin with "N" before you get to "NC." It is followed only by North Dakota's abbreviation - "ND." If North Dakota came before North Carolina in the lists, I'd seriously have to throw a fit - no one ever picks "ND," not a single person. They were paying people to stay in-state, so this is a proven fact ;)

2. Not having to deal with mold issues in our home anymore. Excessive humidity is a dastardly thing.

3. Going to eat at this place and this place, both of which were featured on Man vs. Food and look delectable.

4. Being so close to the beautiful Rocky Mountains and going hiking with my boys! That is, if I can tear A away from the Rockies baseball team to visit the Rocky Mountains. I guess I'm excited to go to baseball games too.

5. Learning how to snowshoe (Ang, teach me?)

6. Taking advantage of the proximity to fantastic ski slopes and hopefully skiing lots and lots and lots.

7. In general, I guess I'm looking forward to enjoying God's gorgeous creation.

8. Living life with this amazing community.

9. Being there with this lady and her husband for the beginning of baby Liam's life!

10. Living in a town with an IKEA come fall!!! I love IKEA with a fierce, shopping love and will have to restrain myself from shopping and filling our new home with lesser products until IKEA opens and I can shop till I drop :)

There you have it. If you've made a move recently, what things did you look forward to about your new city? If you're in Denver already, what things should I be excited about that I haven't mentioned?



Anonymous said...

It'll be so much fun having you here!
We'll have to take Jaxon and Ben to the dog park together and eat at our favorite restaurant, Watercourse.

Lindsay said...

oooh I'm excited for you!! Colorado has always seemed like one of the perfect states to live in. Maybe I'll get to come visit you :)

Megan Barley said...

aww! yeah for Denver love! We have been to Cherry Cricket-it was packed but yummy nonetheless!
we can't wait for you to be here!

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