Friday Funnies

Remember when I started this blog, it was mostly stories of our mishaps and general craziness that is my life? It's been a while since I posted much about those kinds of things. Never fear - today restored my confidence in my klutzyness (how exactly is that word spelled?). Here goes:

1. After enjoying my lunch and a small bar of Hershey's Dark Chocolate (my sweet husband knows exactly what and when to get me little treats to care for me and stabilize my moods! ;), I was going to run to drop off a movie at Redbox. I happened to look down and see two dark brown spots on my pants. Right on my crotch, to be exact. Thankfully, I whipped out my new Tide pen and dabbed it on. Between me and A, we go through those things super-fast. To say the Vanderburgs are tidy people might be reaching a bit. Soy sauce, chocolate, milk, fruit juice....the Tide pen takes care of them all. After I finished trying to clean the chocolate off my pants, I snapped this picture with my phone and sent it to A.

He promptly responded by calling me Choco-Crotch. Why do I have a sneaky suspicion that moniker could stick for a while? Blast you, chocolate. The love-hate relationship continues.

2) Incident #2 happened very shortly thereafter as I was getting in my car to go drop the movie off. AS SOON as I opened my car door, like, an inch, a big bee flew into the car. Thankfully, the Lord blessed me with cat-like reflexes (no comments from the peanut gallery!) and I was able to push the door back shut before it got into the car - effectively trapping it in the seal. Not knowing what to do, I began to open and shut the door (while still standing a safe distance away) in hopes of squashing the little buzzing demon. When I thought it would surely be dead, I grabbed a napkin to try and sweep it out of the door. Mis-Take. That thing fluttered up angrily buzzing, still very much alive, if not quite as mobile as it once was. I figured if I got in the car and slammed the door really hard, by the time I had to open the door again the bee would be good and dead.

How many times a day can I be wrong about the mortality of a bee? Too many, apparently. When I went to open the door at the store, having completely convinced myself there would be no more bug issues, it shot out of the door's seal, buzzing to let me know it was really pissed off at me and took to the skies. I screamed. Like a 5 year old.

So, there's my little Friday funnies for you. Tonight I'm meeting up with some of my sorority sisters from Union for dinner. It's been years since we last got together - some have moved away, some have had babies, some have moved in and some have gotten pregnant. I have done none of those things, so in comparison, I seem pretty boring. That's OK. I'm excited to see them all one last time before we go West!

For those of you who have asked, there's not much to update you on move-wise. We're planning on packing more this weekend and trying to nail down some details, but as always, we're watching and waiting for the Lord to provide for us! He is good to do that. Thanks for your encouragement - both about the move and the health goals I last mentioned! I appreciate every comment, idea or commiseration!



Anonymous said...

Choco-Crotch!!! Pahahaha! ;-)

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