Thank you, officer!

Well, my husband and I celebrated 2 weeks of marriage this weekend with our first house guest - the famous J-Willy, some QT at Sam's Club, and a run-in with the cops!

John was one of the kids in A's youth group the last 6 years, his roommate this summer, and one of the groomsmen in our wedding. His birthday was Friday and I think he was suffering from withdrawals and needed to spend some time with my husband :)

We took him to Olive Garden Friday night, tried to take him to a movie (didn't work out, details to follow) and then took him back to the apartment for presents and his first ever birthday cake. He's never had a real birthday cake, so it was a special treat for him, I think.

What else was a special treat? More issues revolving around A's truck :)

As we were pulling into the shopping center Friday night for a movie, A decided he'd be better off to go through the yellow/red light than to slam on the brakes and skid into it. Not a bad call (I probably would have done the same) except that there was a cop right there when he did it. As soon as we pull into the parking lot, red and blue lights began flashing and we had to pull over for Mr. Policeman. Second fun surprise - A didn't have his driver's license!

See, he wears these jeans (which he looks smoking hot in, if I do say so myself) which are a WEE bit too tight for him to carry his whole wallet. So Friday, when paring it down for these jeans, his license somehow didn't make it in. Wouldn't have been a big deal, except for, well, you know, the whole running-the-red-light thing.

The cop was real nice though, considering that we had just run a red light AND we were driving without a license. Thanks to his kindness and the "Just Married" still painted on the back of the truck. I felt kind of bad for him, since people walking by were cussing at the cop for pulling over newlyweds. I felt really happy for us though, when he sweetly told us to make sure we always had our licenses and always stopped at traffic signals, and that was it.

So, yes sirree, we will stop at lights. We will make sure we are legally driving. We will always be REALLY thankful for not getting a ticket! Thank you, officer!



Don Crane said...

Great piece! Who can't identify with your frustration, horror, and relief?

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