They are precious in His sight

Most of you who know me or read my previous blog much know I am passionate about wanting to adopt.

Last year at some point, I stumbled upon a friend of a friend's blog - all about their international adoption. From there, I started following several families' blogs, all about adopting from Ethiopia.

Well, baby fever is hitting again - I am being reminded of that desire the Lord placed in my heart to adopt, especially internationally. If the body of believers is the "family of God," and the nuclear family is a microcosm of the church, and the church is comprised of believers from every tribe, tongue and nation, then why should we not strive to have our families be a living example of unity among the body of believers by having a multi-racial, Jesus-worshiping family?

I have this dream of having children from around the world and raising them to be lovers of the Lord. It's a beautiful picture in my head - black babies, Asian babies, Hispanic babies, however the Lord might ordain it - all Vanderburgs, all living passionately for the glory of God.

We're not exactly wealthy at the moment, so how does one go about saving/raising funds to begin the adoption process? Just a thought I've been having for a while...

Anyways. That's all folks :)



Tiffany Ann said...

We've been talking about adoption too, but probably domestic. Although its emotionally draining and oftentimes unpredictable, going the "foster to adopt" route is definitely the cheapest since the government virtually pays for everything. These kids are also taken from really bad situations and placed into your hands to be blessed, which would be incredible. Just a thought :) Love you and love reading your blog, Laur!

Michelle (and Shannon) said...

Well, we're not exactly rich either, but we have about $250 each month autodrafted from our checking into a savings account at a different bank. Give it 3 or 4 years and that's about ten grand. Ours is our emergency fund...yours could be an adoption fund!

Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

I know that their are certain grant or scholarship programs for adoptive parents. Steven Curtis Chapman has one for families wanting to adopt. YOu could look into that.

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