Saturday, what a day.

Sorry I didn't post yesterday - it wasn't that I forgot, I just fell asleep instead of blogging. Sue me.

The altitude here is affecting me a bit, I think. I'm a little sick feeling, with a headache and a little shake and tired, but I think I'll grow out of it. Much of it probably has to do with the walk last night. 19 degrees, with a windchill, plus 5 layers of clothing, including a fur coat, and a walk up one of the little mountains left me a bit light-headed. But, it was a beutiful view of the city, and I enjoyed getting out. It's going to be a daily ritual, I think, so we get some exercise.

Anyways, here are the pictures chronicling this blessed time :)

A calls me his little Muslim snow-bunny :)

The view from the top of the hill - his town of Rawlins. It's so windy (25 miles an hour) I couldn't hold the camera still enough to not have it be blurry. Sorry.



Julie said...

quite the get-up, my dear lauren. hahaha! where did you get the fur coat? wouldn't a ski jacket work better? although they probably know b/c they live in it.

Lauren V. said...

Julie - That coat is actually from your country! His aunt bought it there and is letting me borrow it because it's SO warm. But after our hike yesterday, we have decided a normal length coat might be better - I tripped over the long one and almost took a tumble :) Whoops. Have a merry Christmas!

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