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Hurting yourself is the worst. You can't blame anyone else for your pain, and I have found it's when I've hurt myself that I am in the most pain. Plus, since I am who I am, I hurt myself in really ridiculous ways that are just pathetic.

For example, I have small feet for my height. I blame them on why I fall over a lot. Although I have improved remarkably since high school, I still have quite a few falls, trips and tumbles that could be attributed to the small feet that were pretty painful.

Or take the donut incident that I mentioned here. That was neither pretty nor painless.

What about the time.....*ahem* times....I have given myself whiplash - shopping? Yes. Twice now I have been so enthusiastic about trying on some shoes that as I stand up to prance around, I throw my head back with the same velocity as a wrecking vehicle and give myself whiplash.

So, while it's not quite as ridiculous as the other times, I am still confounded why stretching - while sitting down, mind you - has caused me to injure my neck/shoulder so much that I woke up crying the first night and am still wincing in pain, four days later. This afternoon marks visit #2 to a new chiropractor to take care of this little issue, one which I am ready to be done with. I'm tired of sleeping on a mound of pillows, sitting by my lonesome in the big chair to ice my neck, and not being able to look around without pain.

Woe is me, right? I know. I am such a whiner.

Anyways, just wanted to share my newest feat. If you see me around, say hello - but not too suddenly, for fear that I will whip around and seriously re-injure myself. Thanks so much :)



Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

I cannot imagine how you can get whiplash from shoe shopping. That is serious!! HAHA

Ginny Alley said...

Hilarious! And yes, I will gladly come help you organize! We might be coming up for the 20/20 conference with our college kids here. Maybe I could come a day early or something. We'll try to work it out! I'm working on a project here and hope to post some before and after photos :)

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