Heard on a Monday

I just had to run out and go to the store for some much needed *supplies.* And chocolate. Chocolate is always necessary on "those days," especially when it's raining.

As I used the ladies room at the Food Lion/Food City/Food Mart/Food Whatever...I'm not really sure where I was at, a tiny old lady came into the bathroom, and before the door was even shut behind her, she was bellowing, "Is my blue scarf in there?" I said, "I'm sorry?" not even sure if she was talking to me - the lone patron in the bathroom. She was.

As I opened the stall door (need I even mention it was the handicapped stall - again - that I had chosen? I know, I'm a glutton for punishment) she charged in asking about her blue scarf. I had not seen it and I told her so, but she came into the stall with me anyways. Aw-Kward.

Anyways, on the ride home, I heard an interesting conversation between Ryan Seacrest and Bill Clinton. Clinton was talking about his wife, our Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and her emphasis in the US on sustainable agriculture. In the former President's words: "Sustainable agriculture is so important. If Haiti had sustainable agriculture, they wouldn't be devastated after the hurricanes and such."

Hurricanes? I may be wrong, but I thought Haiti was dealing with the devastation from earthquakes...Hm.

Granted, perhaps I heard him wrong and he really was talking about the hurricanes that have hit over the years, but if so, I thought it was a poor analogy. I may just be nitpicking, as I am often wont to do, but it was a curious phrase, nonethless.

In other news, not much exciting going on for the Vanderburgs. We have both been off and on under the weather - fevery, exhausted, sore throats, etc. Yuck. So, it's been a calm week with us! Sorry for the lack of blogging fodder :)



Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

You and your bathroom stories....hope you both get to feeling better :)

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