Bacon grease, biscuits and bagels

As many of you know, I happen to like alliteration. This is why you'll often see me using it in my blog titles. Fortunately for me, today's was a no-brainer (score!), especially considering that the three alliterated things are all about food (double score).

Sunday A and I went to the 12:30 service at our new church, The Summit. We were planning on attending a meeting afterward about a new campus closer to us, so I figured I'd make us some BLTs before heading over there.

I've started cooking with real bacon, instead of the pre-cooked stuff that I used to use. It's cheaper and tastes better, but cooking it has proven hazardous. The first time I tried to make some of the real bacon, I put it on a plate in the microwave and ended up starting a mini-fire on the plate (the paper towels did it, I think), and the plastic cracked down the middle. Yikes. So on Sunday, I cooked the bacon in the frying pan, as I have learned to do fairly well.

All was going great until I dropped a fresh piece into the hot pan and SHAZAM! Bacon grease came flying out - straight into my eye. I started screaming because it hurt so flipping bad. A came running over and instructed my to stand over the sink and hold my eye open. He began throwing water into my face (not exactly my eye) to try and flush it all out. For an ex-baseball player, his aim wasn't so hot with the water! Ha. I don't think I made it any easier because I kept squinting and spazzing. Long story short(er), I ended up with no serious injury, except to my make-up, which had to be redone. A told me later he immediately began thinking about what life without sight would be like for me - thank the Lord, that didn't happen that day.

Another food mishap happened today while I was eating lunch in the office. I was watching a highly intelligent show on the computer while I ate (who am I kidding? It was Cougar Town) with my headphones plugged in. I turned my head to sneeze, and the cord for my ear buds knocked over my open water bottle, spilling water all over my desk, my pants, the floor and my lunch. I effectively ruined the second half of my PB&J and chips. After cleaning it all up, I got in my car to treat myself to a Bojangles chicken biscuit (It's been SOO long!). I got there, ordered and pulled the car up to the window, only to realize I had left my wallet on my desk. Stink.

I turned around, went back to the office, grabbed my wallet and went back for a delicious biscuit. Nothing was stopping me once I got that idea in my head! It tasted SO good.

So. There you go - life as a Vanderburg entails so many food mishaps.

Hopefully, this only applies to me, not my husband. As of next week, A will be started manager training at Bruegger's, where he will have access to lots and lots of bagels. College friends - you know what sweet music to my ears that is! I ADORE bagels. The job is really an answer to prayer in so many ways, and we're thankful and excited about it! As his friend Billy told him - "If you're going to bagel, bagel to the glory of God!" I'm looking forward to the new relationships he'll make, the new things he'll learn and all the bagels he'll bring home to me ;)



Matt and Lindsay Bledsoe said...

Cougar Town? Seriously crane....haha jk Well I'm glad you still have your sight. Congrats to A on the job!!

The Clarks said...

You and your bagels... brings back many Bubba's memories. I'm glad you've started cooking real bacon. It takes lots of practice to cook it in the skillet how you like it.

I hope you and your hubby are well. Miss you!

Tiffany Ann said...

You're almost as clumsy as I am! Not quite though....keep working at it. Hah, just kidding! Please don't!

Love your blog, woman :)

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