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Yesterday was the first day of March, so you know what that means - more snow....Yup. Instead of balmy spring weather, the forecast for our area is for snow tonight. I know it makes my Wyoming boy happy to see weather like this, so I'm okay with the snow, but I'm sure looking forward to spring time.

I can't wait to be able to walk barefoot and be comfortable, to sit outside on the deck and soak up the sunshine. I'm looking forward to family days where we can take Benny to the lake or the river and enjoy being outside together. I'm looking forward to being semi-tan and having someone to go to the pool with me.

Speaking of pool and the outside, Ben loves to be on the deck, and the only time he fusses is if he sees A walking to the weight room. Apparently that was the case this morning, when he sang a sad little song from his lookout, prompting the leasing agent to call me and tell me Ben wasn't allowed to be on the deck unsupervised, and she noticed he was because he was howling... What is it with my dog and decks? First I get threatened to have animal control called on me about him, and now he's not allowed to stay outside at all?! Ridiculous.

Also in the vein of the outdoors and weather - I've been thinking lately about how treacherous the weather is in February. 2 years ago, my alma mater Union was hit by a horrible tornado that, miraculously, didn't kill anyone. This year, we have seen the devastation in Haiti and Chile, caused by earthquakes. I know the Lord is sovereign and he is good, so is it possible these are tools to call people unto Himself, or are they only the result of living in a fallen world, riddled with sin?

Sorry my thoughts are so random and scattered. This is more "stream of consciousness" than I usually like to do, but honestly, I'm not feeling so great and it's hard for me to think logically and completely coherently at the moment. If you want, you can blame it on me being blond. I don't mind.

Speaking of being blond, I've been wanting to dye my hair dark but need someone to do it for me. Anyone with any experience care to tackle my mane? Maybe that will help the thoughts flow better - who knows?



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