How is it MAY already?!

Wow. It's been a while, huh?

We have had a whirlwind couple of weeks, it seems like. Three out of the last four weekends, A has been in SC working. Thankfully, I was able to go with him these last two weekends! We drove to Walterboro (where he used to live and work) last Saturday morning and then drove back last Sunday afternoon. A grand total of 24 hours, but packed chock-full. We stayed with one of the families at his old church, who added our two (three with Ben!) bodies to an already full and boisterous house. It was fun to hang out with them and grow in understanding of what life pre-marriage was like for my husband :)

When we got back, Monday and Tuesday we went to an excellent conference on church planting and revitalization of churches in the new South. It was held at our church, The Summit, and featured several topics, all centered around the need for the gospel to be faithfully preached in church in the South and around the world. Without the constant exposition of the Bible and the constant teaching on the gospel - central to our faith - our churches will continue to wither and die. We must do away with teaching "quaint moralism" and start teaching the gospel once again. It was refreshing for my heart, as a product of churches in the south, to be reminded that church is not primarily a moral training ground, it's the body of believers who have been radically saved by his grace.

On Wednesday, I returned to the office, while A went to a bootcamp held by the Acts29 church planting network. It was a great time of spiritual renewal and direction for him, it seems, and I can aleady see how the Lord is working through that church-planting training in our lives and futures.

Friday, we skidaddled back down to SC for another weekend (A was preaching the last two Sundays at his old church). We got in about 9:45 or so, after what seemed like a loooong drive. We were thankful to be staying with friends Cory & Jessie, and thankful that though they weren't there to meet us, they had left a key for us on their deck. Smooth-hands-Vandy that he is, A dropped the single key when he tried to unlock the door. It fell to the mat, bounced off, hit the deck, fell between the cracks, hit another board and landed in the dirt below. After about 40 minutes of searching with a flashlight, he finally found the key and tried to McGyver it by sticking some duct tape and a stick in between the boards to snag the key. No luck. The key is still snuggled into the dirt, but thankfully, Jessie came home and let us in :)

Saturday was a full day of sermon prep (for A) and a walk on the beach (for me), chicken fajitas for lunch, putt-putt, go-karts and arcade games at Frankies, and Hyman's for some tasty seafood! We were joined by Clay and Mikalah, former youth of A's who wanted to double date. It was great!

After church on Sunday and listening to my hubs preach, it was lunch witht the pastor and his family and then home.

I'm exhausted. I was tired this morning, and even more tired trying to write about it all. Conciseness is not my strong point. Anyways, if you're tired from reading the recap, I apologize. Go take a nap and think of me ;)



The Castles said...


You can totally lose 10 pounds! I have mainly just been doing a combo of running, walking on an incline, and doing the eliptical. And I have been majorly counting calories and trying to stick to about 1000/day--it was really tough at first but then my body adjusted!

Its nice to be able to keep up with you on blogger--i love reading blog posts! :) Anyways, hope all is well and let me know how it goes!


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