Summer is here!

Crazy day here in Vanderlife. A had to work this morning (hello 4 a.m. for the fourth time this week), I have two graduation services to cover for work, we're trying to get packed up for a trip a mi casa this weekend, A's getting the oil changed in my car and we're trying to figure out our dog, Ben's lodging options for summer trips.

Like I said, busy. I'll be happy to be in Maryville tomorrow and go floating down a Smoky Mountain river with my hubs and dear friends!

So, if you live around us in Raleigh or on the way to Florida, we could sure use your help dog-sitting Ben, one of two times over the summer!! We'd be happy to throw in a home-cooked meal and some Durham Bulls tickets :) He's a pretty easy keeper - comes with his crate which he's fine to stay in, or will happily lounge in a yard or on a porch all day. One meal a day, no meds...He likes to play and go for walks. Basically, this is a personal ad for a dog-sitter. You'll like him and he will LOVE you! He's looking for companionship one week in June and a week and a half or so in July.

Also, if you will be in Maryville this weekend, then I am planning on seeing you and hanging out. This means YOU, Mrs. Iles and Mrs. Bledsoe ;)

Everyone have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!



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