Back in the swing of things

I know I've been failing horribly at that 30-day thing. I may call it quits, although it seems super-lame to give up on something I haven't hardly done and something I'm not hardly even halfway through with yet. Dad always said I wasn't a quitter, but I don't know how good my staying power is with this!

Anyways, just to play catch-up:
Day 12: Whatever tickles your fancy
Ummm....?? What's tickling my fancy right now is dinner. We're going out with one of A's friends from college. I don't know where, but I hope they have burgers. Who doesn't have burgers?!?! Don't answer that.
Day 13: A fictional book
Any fictional book? Didn't I already answer "favorite book"? I guess for this one I am going to mention the Twilight series. I know they're crap and as a writer by trade, I should hunger for something meatier, I guess, but I sure enjoyed them. Mental candy - high fluff content, a sugar rush and a crash when it's all over.
Day 14: A non-fictional book
I love the Bible. Also, I am currently (slowly) reading Adopted for Life and it is fabulous. Seriously challenging and exciting. I so long for the day if/when the Lord allows us to adopt!!
Day 15: A fanfic

I have no idea what this even means.

So anyways, it has been a lovely slow few days, although we both remain perpetually exhausted (and broke, coincidentally). Gotta fix that. Saturday A helped one of our friend's sister move, so he was pooped all evening from that, and I cleaned and organized. That evening we had church and listened to our pastor preach on murder, i.e. anger in your heart toward another person. It was convicting, although didn't seem to stick for too long with my dear husband as he got slightly perturbed at the bookstore later on when they closed and we were still shopping ;) Me, I was just cranky from wearing high heels. It's been a while and dang, they hurt.

Sunday we didn't really do much of anything and it was great. We laid around, I cleaned the turtle tank, we enjoyed some fresh eggplant parmesan with fresh basil (I bought some veggies at the farmer's market) with tasty garlic rolls! Afterwards, our friends Alex and Kristel came over for some dessert and a rousing game of Aces and Faces. Ok, maybe it wasn't rousing, although we did get riled up when the boys cheated and we lost on the last play of the game.

So that's about it, here around the VanderHouse. We've been enjoying some rainy nights and though it's only Tuesday, I'm looking forward to (hopefully) a sunny day at the beach Saturday with Kristel and Megan! Anyone have any umbrellas and/or beach chairs they'd be willing to lend me for the day?



Michelle said...

Was your eggplant parmesan good? I'd love the recipe if it was...I've never found a good one yet.

Maybe you should just blog about what you want to blog about and forget the silly list?

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